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Jersey Short Sleeve G1 Vaccaboia Y


Jersey Short Sleeve G1 Vaccaboia Y

 129,00  90,30

Vàcca [‘vakka] – cow, bòia [‘bɔja] – executioner/butcher. VACCABOIA! – untranslatable exclamation originating in Emilia-Romagna province, roughly: damn it, c’mo


Size Chart



Measure the circumference around the widest part of your chest, just under the arms.



Measure the circumference around your natural waist  at it’s narrowest point.

  •     XS  XL  XXL 
    Chest  Cm  <85  85-92  93-99  99-105  105-112  113+ 
    Inches  <34  34-36  36,5-39  39-41  41-44  44,5+ 
    Waist  Cm  74  75-84  82-87  88-92  93-99  100+ 
    Inches  28  30  32  34  36  38+ 
    Height  Cm  160-170  170-175  175-184  180-188  185-190  188-195 
    Inches  63-67  67-68,8  68,8-72,5  71-73,8  72,8-74,8  74,877 
    Weight  Kg  58-64  64-70  70-78  76-85  85-96  100+ 
    lbs  128-141  141-152  154-172  168-187  190-212  220+ 
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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    Made in Italy
    24/48 h
    Free shipping
    above 100€

      Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve G1 Vaccaboia Y

      Vaccaboia, a colourful Emliana exclamation meaning, roughly ‘dammit’ or ‘blast’, is the name we chose for an unofficial Q36.5 rider’s club (Veloce Club Bolzano being the more official team). As with the Veloce Club Bolzano jersey we have revisited a classical jersey construction updating it with a new anatomical pre-shaped sleeve design for superior ergonomics.

      Made from the same intensely versatile light weight fabric of the Short Sleeve R1 Jersey.



      79% Polyester
      21% Elastane


      115 g


      Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 18°C

      Water repellency
      UV Protection
      Wind control
      Muscle support

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