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Interval Termica Jacket black

Interval Termica Jacket black

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$ 724,68

Built for the season’s coldest rides, the Interval Termica winter cycling jacket features a unique combination of fabrics designed to provide windproof thermal protection and incredible breathability, even when you’re working hard.

FOR WOMEN: Order this jersey one size smaller: e.g. if you wear a S in women’s jerseys, we suggest you order the XS size of this jersey. If you need an XXS, please contact us at this email address and we will help you personally.


Size Chart



Measure the circumference around the widest part of your chest, just under the arms.



Measure the circumference around your natural waist at it’s narrowest point.

Chest Cm 84 88 92 96 102 108 114 120
Inches 33 34,5 36 37,5 40 42,5 45 47
Waist Cm 72 76 80 84 90 96 102 108
Inches 28,5 30 31,5 33 35,5 37,5 40 42,5
Height Cm 162-167 166-171 170-175 174-179 178-183 182-187 186-191 190-195
Inches 64 66 68 69,5 71 72,5 74 75,5
Weight Kg 52-60 58-66 64-72 70-78 76-86 84-94 92-102 100-110
lbs 115-132 128-146 141-159 154-172 167-190 185-207 203-225 200-243

Warranty: 2 Years

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    Interval Termica Jacket black, cold weather cycling jacket

    When designing a cold weather cycling jacket, the challenge isn’t keeping you warm but temperature balanced throughout the entire ride. And with up to 11 proprietary fabrics strategically placed to maximize thermoregulation, the Interval Termica jacket does that, trapping warm air between layers when you need it, and releasing it when you don’t, so you’re always at the right temperature for the road ahead.

    At the front, a dual-layer wind-blocking membrane works in partnership with fleecy, UF Air Insulation™ fabric, and a zippered internal vest to crank up the thermal protection when you need it most. A tall, fitted barber collar keeps out the onrushing air, complemented by a wind and waterproof cam-lock zipper.

    For improved visibility when the weather turns, the Interval Termica jacket benefits from a blend of reflective inserts and pops of eye-catching color. Three deep rear pockets plus a zippered valuables pocket complete the jacket.


    • Body-mapped, multi-layered construction
    • Windproof, thermal weather protection
    • Best-in-class breathability
    • Tall, air-tight barber collar
    • Hidden thermal inner vest
    • Eye-catching reflective inserts
    • Cam-lock waterproof zipper


    45% Polyamide
    35% Polyester
    15% Elastane
    5% Polyurethane


    450 g


    Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = -5°C / +5°C

    Water repellency
    UV Protection
    Wind control
    Muscle support

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Mens cycling thermal jacket Interval Termica - 051.2 - black
Mens cycling thermal jacket Interval Termica - 051.2 - black

Road Safety System

Our Road Safety System consists of a new proprietary pattern that mixes reflective inserts and a bright fluorescent color to increase visibility of the rider on the road.


New reflective inserts on the shoulders and arms make the rider visible from different angles.

Mens cycling thermal jacket Interval Termica - 051.2 - black


A lightweight 2 layer fabric (UF 2L™) made with a microporous membrane is used for the shell of the front wind panels while the inside lining is constructed using the UF Air Insulation™ to capture the body’s microclimate and maintain the core temperature.


For the chest area we have added extra thermal protection by way of a minimal internal vest made with a blend of a polyester polyamide brushed tight woven fabric for better moisture management.

Mens cycling thermal jacket Interval Termica - 051.2 - black - detail

RSR Body mapping

Designed with an advanced body mapping solution based on the Regional Sweat Rates of the human body, the jacket consists of 11 proprietary fabrics that work together to create ideal thermoregulation.


The jacket is designed using a multilayering construction, bypassing the traditional concept of winter jackets made with soft shell materials.


The multilayering system allows the different fabrics to trap the warm air that is in direct contact with the skin, this results in the maintaining of a stable temperature no matter what the intensity of output is from the rider.

Mens cycling thermal jacket Interval Termica green fluo - 051.3 - barber collar
Mens cycling thermal jacket Interval Termica - 051.2 - black
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