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Jacket Women

Jacket Women


The lady’s Jacket is a cozy, comfortable piece of technical clothing designed for low-to-medium intensity activity.


Warranty: 2 Years

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    Jacket Women, Casual Active Jacket

    Constructed from the exactly the same combination of high-density woven outer-face and ultralight Air insulation fleece internal lining as the Vest, the lady’s Jacket is a cozy, comfortable piece of technical clothing designed for low-to-medium intensity activity, from commuting, to post-race comfort to touring to everyday casual use.

    The particularly “cozy” thermicity of the jacket is achieved through the use of Q36.5’s proprietary Air Insulation fleece to line the jacket.



    63% polyamide
    36% polyester
    1% elastan


    230 g


    Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 10°C

    Water repellency
    UV Protection
    Wind control
    Muscle support
Eco Sustainability
Q36.5’s products are made from start to finish in Italy within a 350-square kilometer footprint radius from our headquarters in Bolzano, helping to minimize pollution during the production cycle.
Warranty policy
We offer you support during the products lifetime and in the case of a crash. Read more about our Warranty Policy and register your product to take advantage of this exclusive service.
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