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Giorgina G1 Short Sleeve Jersey Women's


Giorgina G1 Short Sleeve Jersey Women’s

A fun jersey design inspired by an original drawing from the eldest daughter of Q36.5’s CEO Luigi Bergamo that radiates joy and positivity and shows the creative possibilities of our custom kit program.

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Short Slevee Jersey

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Warranty: 2 Years

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Technical Features

112 g +64°F

Giorgina G1 Short Sleeve Jersey Women's

Mountains, hearts and a few leaves for good measure - it all adds up to a child's eye view of the world we see from the saddle every time we head out on a ride. And in this, a sketch-turned-jersey-design, we're reminded that the days we spend on the bike are some of our best. Created on our G1 jersey platform, the Girorgina balances a light, quick-wicking fabric and beautiful cut with summer cycling staples such as generous rear pockets, laser-cut hems and high UV protection. Contact our custom kit creative team today to bring your design ideas to life, from simple sketches to advanced concepts.


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