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Jersey Short Sleeve G1 Woman Team Gelato


Jersey Short Sleeve G1 Woman Team Gelato

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Our Team Gelato is a team for friends, a team inspired from the sun, to the summer, to feel good, and of course our nation Italy …

Super fast drying time, optimal moisture management, ergonomic fit, proprietary invisible pocket system, high UV protection (+50SPF), reflex zips throughout.

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Short Slevee Jersey

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Technical Features

112 g +64°F

Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve G1 Woman Team Gelato

Q36.5‘s Veloce Club Bolzano Vaccaboia is getting some companionship with our newly formed Team Gelato that has it‘s own trademark jersey. This new team is a nod to pro cycling in the ‘70‘s and ‘80‘s when the Italian teams in the peloton were often sponsored by ice cream companies including GIS, Sanson, Sammontana and Algida. Champions such as Moser, Saronni, Baronchelli, Argentin, Visentini and De Vlaminck raced for those teams during those exciting years of cycling. Our Team Gelato is a feel good team for friends inspired by the sun, warm summer days, our Italian cycling heroes and, of course, our country Italy...
An updated version of the G1 jersey with several revised features. The G1 2.0 jersey is now constructed of two different strategically placed fabrics that specifically benefit different parts of the torso:
  1. Sleeve and shoulder panels are made from a micro-perforated 110g polyester fabric, now with a raw laser cut.
  2. Front and back panels are made from a double-faced micro-polyester that combines the push-pull effect with a super fast drying time. The result is optimal moisture management during exertion. The fabric is made of 70% recycled polyester fiber .
  3. The jersey has an ergonomic fit and features our proprietary invisible pocket system. Under the pockets we have introduced a grip panel with a raw laser cut to help keep the jersey in place.
  4. High UV protection (+50SPF)
  5. 3mm cam lock reflex zips throughout.
We have been working to improve and expand in this area and the results show in our new, more extravagant graphic jerseys that express the essence of Italian style yet maintain the same sophistication and radical innovation as is found in our fabrics and pattern cuts.



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