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Summer Collection

A distinctly new feeling

Each piece of clothing is an uncompromising piece of technical equipment for purist riders who can appreciate the difference.

Essential collection

An innovative jacquard woven “Y-pattern” for aerodynamic purpose and also for calibrating the graduating compression

Fabrics development

Not only designed to excel in the conditions of a wind tunnel, it also integrates a ground-breaking degree of sensitivity.


High-performance minimalism

Organic Skinsuits

Our proprietary fabrics doesn’t only produce a highly sophisticated aerodynamic body mapping but at the same operate as ergogenic aid.


Re-construction of the ‘traditional’ modern bib short feeling

Experimentation and innovation for unrestrained design

Women and Kids Collection

Q36.5 calibrates the equipment  for the needs, function, activity and anatomic/ergonomic women and kids bodies.

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The Essential Collection

Riders will immediately notice Q36.5’s distinctive approach to high performance in the “new feel” of the products when worn and ridden.

Essential collection

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The online shop is a reference point for … Find technical specifications about all Q36.5 products, details and informations, as well as the best price for every item
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