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FLAMINGO – The Romantic

The look

Romantics are interested in beautiful, elegant, authentic things and are constantly searching for the best possible solutions. Stylish and graceful, they care that you really understand their problems and that their smallest  of needs are respected. They loathe those who treat everyone in the same manner. They appreciate the extraordinary, including situations and people that make one feel unique. Exquisite and well-appointed environments are greatly admired by Flamingos.


When they are well balanced, Flamingos are empathetic, helpful, kind, funny, passionate, bright, open and love to socialize. However, under stress they become self-centered, moody, touchy, hypercritical and hungry for emotion.  If they feel rejected they are crushed by the yearning for “I want to have it” and the reality of “I absolutely can’t have it.”

Flamingos love powerful feelings and tend to put themselves in the position of the ‘misunderstood victim’.  In this scenario, they often say “I don’t think you understand me”, “It’s hard to say”, and I don’t know if I am explaining myself well”.  They speak more with looks than words. Negativity is apparent when they see the glass as half empty rather than half full, often being more aware of what is missing in their lives than aware of all that they have.

In situations of suffering, Flamingos come to the rescue. They seem to have a special ability to help others in times of need or in crisis situations.  Shifting attention to the needs of others helps Flamingos forget their own.

In relationships, intensity of feelings is extremely important, especially at the beginning.

Confronted by authority, they are sometimes sarcastic and cynical; their need to be unique often clashes with the law.  They detest ‘petty’ authorities like policemen, but will most likely idolize Kings and Queens.  Flamingos feel the need to be loved by deep people.

The speak

Flamingos often use terms like “me and mine” and talk a great deal about themselves. They are quick to analyse feelings, tell personal facts and ask private questions. Flamingos choose their words carefully and enjoy  the use of flamboyant speech.

Body language

Expressive and intense, Flamingos are focused on their inner reality and convey a need for exclusive attention. The eyes are often shiny with tears, highlighting their emotional state.

Blind spots

Flamingos tend to always try to bring the discussion back to focus on them and often attract attention with their pretentious behavior. They have a need to carry on a discussion to the end even if others are no longer interested. Often, their appearance can be overly theatrical and studied. Flamingos hate feeling rejected, ignored or diminished and do not like to to appear inadequate or be misunderstood.

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