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GORILLA, The Enthusiast

GORILLA – The Enthusiast

The look

Exuding leadership and agility, Gorillas want all the doors to be opened for them: everything must be fast, easy and smooth. In order to impress a Gorilla, you should be bright, confident, lively and malleable like them. They detest bureaucracy as they want speed in every facet of their life. Their way of speaking is lively and optimistic showing very sociable and pleasant characteristics peppered with humor, practicality and rationality. Gorillas do not like details or good luck charms, they lay worth in the news and facts.


In the world of Gorillas, nothing is definitive; “Live and let live” is one of their mottos. They are often ambiguous for fear of being stuck in a relationship. They use their charm to make themselves welcome and mix expressions such as,  “fantastic” ,“incredible” or “splendid” into their colourful language to communicate in a fluid, energetic manner.

Their body language communicates energy, joie de vivre and happiness. They love houses with spacious,  bright environments. Not troubled by time, they sometimes find it difficult to be punctual. Planning an interesting future motivate them, Gorillas hate routine and procrastinate when faced with difficult things. Quick to dress, they follow their instinct and desire of the moment, often reaching for bright, vibrant colors. They allow themselves a lot of space to play and have fun.

Self-flagellation due to not sticking to commitments is not an issue instead they find attractive alternatives which are often high profile and don’t last long. Gorillas tend to leave various possibilities open which sometimes creates a sense of uncertainty in others.

Authoritative figures are not intimidating, rather Gorillas tend  to conquer the “Authority”, making it their friend. Preferring jobs where there is little or no external control, their enthusiasm in a venture tends to fade as the project progresses and there is less need for personal intervention.

They love the future, technology, or anything that helps them escape, travel or offer new experiences. They favor multifaceted activities that  present unknown challenges and experimentation. Unfavorable environments for Gorillas are routine jobs devoid of adventure or of new possibilities to explore and expand.

The speak

Fast and spontaneous, Gorillas use short words, sometimes fired in quick bursts. They tell funny stories and tend to jump from one topic to another. Cheerful and charming, they avoid negative topics related to themselves.

Body language

Lively and smiling, Gorillas can be loud and use a harsh tone of voice when angry. Very expressive facial expressions coupled with an abundance of hand and arm gestures creates a feeling that they are constantly in motion.  While they talk often they walk back and forth taking great strides. Gorillas are easily distracted.

Blind spots

Sometimes Gorillas think they know more than they actually do and they may not see that their behavior can lead to others not taking them seriously. The constant onslaught of ideas coupled with excessive body movement ends up distracting and exhausting others. Gorillas hate to see their competence questioned. Often they think they already know what the other one is going to say so, sometimes, they stop listening altogether. Objection is strong when forced to make a long-term commitment that they don’t want to take on.

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