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Fit is everything

The best performance of these Unique Fabrics
can only be achieved through the intended snug Q36.5 fit

The brand experience

Just as every serious Fashion and Sportswear Designer, be it Giorgio Armani, Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo or Massimo Osti, creates a distinct cut and relationship to the body, Q36.5 garments are characterized by a Unique Fit. This Unique Fit will be immediately discerned by the rider in the different feeling, a different feeling which is the invisible signature of the brand experienced when he or she first puts on a piece of Q36.5 clothing.

The most striking tactile sensations of the Q36.5 Unique Fit are:

—Snugness (though not constriction)
—Ergogenic support and stability
—Ease of movement when in the riding position*

All Q36.5 products use high performance fabrics which have often been developed by us in conjunction with suppliers exclusively for use in these products. The best performance of these Unique Fabrics can only be achieved through the intended snug Q36.5 fit; while some riders may not be used to cycling clothing which follows the contours of the body so closely, this different feeling comes at no expense to on the bike comfort; in fact the fit qualities achieved through a combination of fit and specifically developed fabrics (often used in various different densities throughout the pattern for the most sensitive body mapping) improve comfort, particularly on longer rides where muscular fatigue can stimulate significant discomfort.

Accordingly we recommend purchasing and wearing your Q36.5 garment ‘true to size’ (if you are usually an S, purchase an S) and in the intended manner.

*When trying on a Q36.5 garment for the first time please keep in mind that cut and fit is designed for on the bike comfort and performance and the user may feel a very minor degree of strain (eg. in the shoulder and chest area of the jersey or the bib short braces) when standing upright.  When on the bicycle in a riding position this feeling will literally disappear and be replaced by excellent ease of movement, comfort and stability.

Technical specifications