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An extreme vision of the
modern cycling clothing

The Termica is a lightweight (400g) low volume pre-shape cold weather jacket intended for a high-intensity training in full winter conditions. The design is an extremely advanced vision of the modern windproof winter ‘shell’. Core body heat zones and areas of the garment most exposed to wind (chest, upper back, upper arms and front of forearms) are built from a laminated polyamide-polyester, micro fleece backed fabric which uses a 18micron hydrophilic membrane. Sides and back are constructed from a high-density thermal fleece fabric which nevertheless has an excellent moisture management. The same fabric is used in proprietary-design second internal ‘barber’s collar’ which hermetically seals the neck and blocks wind when in a riding position. Cut with the same unique sleeve pattern and ergogenic ‘pre-shaped ‘fit as the short and long sleeved jersey. Features the Q36.5 proprietary invisible pocket system as well as an extra upper forearm pocket.



RSR body mapping

Garments constructed with RSR (Regional Sweat Rate) body mapping will be breathable in differing degrees throughout the garment according to scientific research data collected regarding the various regional sweat rates of the athlete’s body. This more strategic use of breathable panels and varying densities allows for the construction of the lowest volume garment as well as the most stable body temperature during activity.


UF Thermal Shell

Unique Fabric ThermalShell is Q36.5 proprietary low-volume laminated shell fabric specifically developed for the intensity of high performance cycling in cold and extreme cold weather.
 The external layer of the shell is an extremely dense and lightweight polyamide-lycra fabric with a water-resistance treatment. The fabric is highly elastic, with 4-way stretch for best ease of movement, constructed for durability and toughness.
The inner layer is made from the finest Italian polyester fleece. Most importantly the middle layer of this laminated fabric is a Japanese-made hydrophilic 18micron non-porous PU membrane. Q36.5 favours the use of hydrophilic over hydrophobic membranes (such as Goretex™), believing that they best allow for the body to transpire and remain dry at a healthy temperature during intense athletic activity.


Riri Aquazip ®

The Aquazip ® is a water-resistant declination of the legendary Storm ® zip which was developed for and showcased by the Alinghi crew in their America’s Cup victory of 2003. 
Riri are world specialists of high-tech plastic zips; a technical waterproof or resistant jacket using Riri zips is immediately visually striking not just because of the evident high quality of the components but for the very fact that the zipper’s teeth are visible, unlike products from the competition which always include PU-strips or even storm flaps which protect and cover from sight the teeth. Riri’s plastic moulded teeth, injected directly onto the tape create a highly water-resistant seal without the need for further protection.













    Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above0 0°C

    Versatily rating
    High – can be used for the full range of winter temperatures, depending on layering options

    Made in Italy

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