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Train with Camilla


What is needed?

  • Looped resistance band (any strength): used to increase muscle activation. You can also use a knotted elastic exercise band, it’s not as comfortable but it’s as equally effective.
  • Exercise/yoga block: used to reduce the weight on the wrists (can be omitted)
  • Soft exercise ball
  • Swiss ball

Exercise 1

  • Equipment: Exercise/yoga block and elastic loop band
  • Focus: Hip dissociation – movement from the lumbar
  • Hip extension, remember to distribute weight evenly between right and left hands
  • Pay attention! Don‘t move the trunk, lower lumbar and/or pelvis (Tip! Place a book the lumbar area, if you remain stable during the movement it won‘t fall off)



Exercise 2

  • Equipment: Looped resistance band, soft exercise ball
  • Focus: Selective trunk movements with the oblique abdominals. I feel my belly. I feel my sides.
  • Trunk movement (a) concentrate on rotation (b) concentrate on inclination. During both movements keep the loop tension steady with symmetrical knees.
  • Pay attention! The pelvis remains stationary and the chin positioned in the center of the chest.



Exercise 3

  • Equipment: Looped resistance band, soft exercise ball
  • Focus: Selective movement of the hips while activating the trunk and the lateral hip muscles (Part 1). Selective movements of the trunk through the activation of the oblique abdominal muscles. Increased proprioception. (Part 2)
  • Do: Flexing extension of hip and knees (Part 1). The movement is executed through the activation of the muscles of the hip that is on the top, the legs only support the movement (Part 2).
  • Pay attention! There is no shoulder or pelvic rotation. The ball remains still.


Exercise 4

  • Equipment: Swiss ball, looped resistance band
  • Focus: Posterior chain activation, proprioception
  • Do: Selective movement of extension and flection at hip level. Dorsal flection of the ankle. Tip!! I imagine that the body stretches as I ascend. Tip!! Focus on the leg that remains on the ball and not on the one you are lifting.
  • Pay attention! The ball and hands do not move (in the second variation the ball moves). There should be no flection extension of the spine. Be careful to keep the pelvis raised


Exercise 5

  • Equipment: Swiss ball, looped resistance band
  • Focus: Posterior chain activation in the stretch position, proprioception
  • Do: Alternately lift the feet from the ground by flexing the hip. Tip!! Focus on the foot that is on the ground and feel how it heightens the tension of the buttocks when the other foot is lifted.
  • DPay attention!! Don’t let the pelvis move or the ball roll.


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