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Training tips from Olympic Champion Mario Kummer

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Training tips from Olympic Champion Mario Kummer



January is one of the most important months to train on the bike in preparation for the summer racing season. We asked Q36.5 coach Mario Kummer for advice on how to get the most out of training during this time of the year:


“A good cyclist is made in winter. Basically, this means that in order to be in good shape for the summer season, you need to have prepared well in the winter months.   I always started the season with an all-round athletic training period which included running, gym work and a lot of cross country skiing training. The target was to improve power and endurance without using the bike. I went back on the bike in December/January. At that point my aim was to build a solid basis through specific endurance and power training. To reach the optimal effect it is vital to know your own training zones. You can test them in a laboratory or on the road with an FTP test. It is extremely useful to have a tool that helps you record and control your training levels. I’m very happy with my SRM Powermeter. Training during the winter months is quite hard due to low temperatures. Sometimes we were on the road for 5 hours or more in temperatures below -10 degrees! In the ’80’s I would have to hop off my bike during training and go running just in order to warm up my body, then I would hop back on and continue riding. That kind of crazy mix isn’t necessary anymore, I use my Termica Jacket, my Termica long Salopette and my Termico Overshoes. They protect me perfectly and allow me to train comfortably. Don’t forget: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!”




Termica Jacket

The warmest jacket in the Essential Collection and the only one which uses a membrane. The cut has the same unique sleeve pattern and ergogenic ‘pre-shaped fit’ as our short and long sleeve jerseys. It was developed using the Regional Sweat Rate body mapping which protects riders where it is most needed while still staying breathable. Varying panel densities, which allow for its’ low volume construction, also ensure the most stable body temperature during high intensity winter training.










Termica Long Salopette

A new take on winter tights. Say good by to that bulky, stifling winter necessity and hello to Termica – a sleek winter tool that keeps the race feel in your winter training. Designed with the same ergogenic properties of our supportive summer Salopettes, the Termica Long Salopette exploits the properties of our proprietary UF Hybrid Shell fabric with its’ thermal capabilities and elasticity. Thanks to the woven construction and the addition of silver thread inside the weft of the fabric, no membrane is needed. The result is a ‘must-have’ for your every day cold weather training.











Intimo Plus Teddy Berry

Our answer to requests for extra warmth in extremely cold weather. Conceived using a proprietary smart fabric which creates a microclimate close to the skin, it works as a heat retainer while, at the same time, wicks away the sweat from the skin and allows the body to dry. Teddy Berry gives you a comfy sense of warmth – atypical of traditional sports underwear.










And don’t forget the Essentials:


Sottocasco: invisible under your helmet yet offering effective protection. An important friend during winter rides.

Scaldacollo: minimal but useful for extra thermal protection and insulation on the coldest of days.

Be Love 0 Glove: the mix of UF Termal Shell and Primaloft results in the warmest glove of the Essential Collection: say good riddance to bulky, non-breathable ski gloves!!

Be Love 0 Socks: a deep winter sock of merino wool that minimises overall volume.

Termico Overshoes: The use of Q36.5’s winter proprietary fabrics in a thermal overshoe results in excellent water repellent properties and fast drying times.




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