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Q36.5 Clubhouses are selected hubs that best represent the spirit and the importance of the cycling community by providing a place to share the innate need to be part of something that supports, challenges and empowers.

If you are a passionate cycling connoisseur or a fan of this sport, Q36.5 Clubhouses are the ideal meeting place to connect with other Veloce Club members. Share your passion, meet up for planned rides and adventures or simply have a chat over an excellent cup of coffee.

While we hope to be riding together soon, in the meantime you can stay in contact with your fellow riders through our Veloce Club Facebook Group. Here you can share your riding experiences, take part in and RSVP to group rides and stay connected with the Club.

Join the group


Joining our club comes with unique benefits:

  • be part of local rides all over the world
  • have access to the full Q36.5 collection
  • get insider advice from Q36.5 Clubhouse owners and experts
  • participate in custom Strava and Zwift challenges
  • receive a club discount for a brand new kit as well as early-access to our latest products and news

Together we will explore adventures of a grander scale and take the team, taking the team to new heights.