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Winter Collection

The future of pure performance cycling clothing

Design as a result of a long process of research and development, the guarantee for exceptional durability and product life

Essential Collection

Exceptional Italian textile manufacturers develop exclusive fabrics

The most important factor is to maintain the healthy body temperature in balance

Ergogenic qualities

Our products are conceived to exploit the ergogenic qualities of the proprietary fabrics in order to maximize efficiency and aerodynamics

Q36.5 Unique Fit

Care for every single detail 

We take reasonable care for every single detail embodying our engineers’ best ideas for superior efficiency

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High thermal protection in low volume

Lightweight garments for men, woman and kids.

Q36.5 produces some of the lightest cycling clothing. Low weight is a result of the integrity of the process of design and our desire to build the purest product for sensitive riders.

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Continuously refined garments for a distinctive approach

The Essential Collection is a 4-year product life cycle

In the same way as the athlete who sets him the goal of competing in the Olympic game, our products go over the same period of continuous improvement!


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The online shop is a reference point for … Find technical specifications about all Q36.5 products, details and informations, as well as the best price for every item
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