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An extreme vision of the
modern cycling clothing

Like other pieces of Equipment of the Women Collection, also the Winter Tights Lady is calibrated for the needs, function, activity and anatomic/ergonomic women body. Tights, that in place of brace, uses our ergonomically paneled waist system, that avoids the use of the standard circular elasticated panel in favour of a shallow contoured shaped, which places less pressure on the rider’s waist. The Tights is constructed with an ergonomic cut and minimal use of seams, increasing the comfort and freedom of movement, thanks to the vectorial elasticity. The unique Winter Tights Lady that combines functionality versus safety on the road, using two fabric solution: For the parts that require more thermal protection (glutes, thigh and knee) a dense fleece backed polyester and polyamide mix; For the calves area a reflective fleece fabric, which integrates the thermal capabilities of inner surface, next to skin, fleece with an outside surface reflective dot; We are able to offer a thermal, durable and hardwearing winter tight with a more traditional feel and 
functionality, also due to the augmented safety thanks to the reflective panels.


Ergogenic Pattern

An Ergogenic Pattern garment has been designed in such a way as that all panels and fabrics are tuned to support specific musculature groups during sporting activity. Garments designed with Ergogenic Patterns will be distinguished by their extremely snug but not constrictive feel and increased stability during the pedalling motion, as the fabric, cut and panel alignment support a balanced position and accordingly reduce muscular fatigue on longer or more intense rides.


Chamois Fusion Lady

The chamois pads of high performance cycling bib shorts of the last 10 years have been characterised by the use of two different technologies: the first is the sewn flexible pad pioneered by Assos and Cytech with invention of the Elastic Interface® in 2000. The second is the use thermo moulded foam pads. Each have their distinctive advantages: the sewn pad is more flexible and elastic while the thermo moulded pad is able to use a much denser grade of foam and thus offer more support and padding. Multi-layer and multi-density open cell foam, calibrated for different levels and kinds of support (eg. the perineal, ischiatic, genital and gluteal zones) is used throughout the chamois area.In the front part of the chamois, where flexibility, breathability and softness are most appreciated the foam’s elastic covering fabric is cut and sewn. In the rear part of the chamois, where flexibility is at less of a premium, compared to support and padding, the foam is thermo-moulded in order to achieve a superior density.


Pre-Shaped Fit

A pre-shape fit garment is cut to have the least resistance to the athlete’s body when in the position it assumes while riding. Riders will notice that pre-shaped garments will, when hung unworn from a hanger, naturally fall towards a riding position. This means that while the wearer may feel a minor degree of strain or notice small creases in the garment when standing upright and not on the bike he or she will be most comfortable and aerodynamic and have greatest ease of motion when riding.



Polyamide 6.6







Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 0°C

Made in Italy

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