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    Product Care

    Correct use

    Q36. 5 garments are made of materials designed to meet specific requirements.

    Our garments have a life cycle much longer than that of a standard product and can last even longer thanks to constant and daily maintenance, especially when used frequently.

    These measures ensure our garments last longer.

    Therefore, we recommend washing the garment after each use, immediately and not leaving it soaked in sweat for several hours or days after training.

    Sweat is a saline solution that attacks fabrics especially elastane which is a material contained in our fabrics, which can be attacked and lead to premature deterioration.

    For this reason we recommend washing our products after every bike ride. Our recommendations:

    • We recommend machine washing with a short, gentle washing cycle at low temperatures, at 30 degrees at most.
    • Use of a non-aggressive liquid detergent
    • Do not use detergent powder which attacks fabrics or the water-repellent treatment which many fabrics have undergone.
    • Never ever use fabric softener. Washing with fabric softener will completely remove the water-repellent treatment from several of our items in the collection. Failure to follow this rule may make the garments less functional. The water-repellent treatment is used to protect the cyclist in light rain conditions, but above all it is used because it ensures the garments dry much quicker and have a higher yield during physical activity.
    • Once washed, it is advisable to hang the garment and let it dry in the open air, not under direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry, i.e. do not put the wet garment in the tumble dryer.
    • One thing we instead recommend and that can be useful to revive the water-repellent treatment is to put the garment washed and dried in a dryer for a short cycle of twenty minutes at low temperatures so as to restore the treatment itself and renew the polymerization.
    • We recommend washing garments separately from certain accessories that contain Velcro such as gloves and accessories. Gloves with open Velcro may adhere to fabrics. Remember to close the zips of the clothes in the washing machine because even the zips can ruin the fabrics and create pilling. Wash gloves and accessories separately or use a washing bag, which we have in our collection, so as not to damage the garment fabrics in the washing machine.