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Jersey layering system

Jersey layering system

For summer rides we have devised lightweight jerseys with proprietary smart fabrics, that enhance the thermoregulation process and reduce the uncomfortable overheating effect that happens when regular jerseys become saturated with sweat, a common occurrence during this time of the year. As needs differ, depending on the conditions you find yourself in, we have devised three main categories from which the rider can choose the proper layering system:

  • UF G1: knitted double face proprietary fabric – Jersey G1
  • UF L1 Silver: woven proprietary fabric with silver thread – Jersey Pinstripe
  • UF Seta: woven blend proprietary fabric with silk + silver thread – Jersey Seta

All the fabrics of the Essential Collection have been throughly tested with our analytical-instrumental method that tests thermal-hygrometic comfort, giving us objective results on the performance of each piece of equipment.

Jersey Short Sleeve Seta

Weighing in at a mere 100g, this super light jersey was devised with a new proprietary woven fabric with a high silk content. The return to natural fibers in performance equipment gives this jersey an extra boost: it has good low heat conductivity properties, perfect for hot and humid conditions. In addition, we introduce silver thread into the weft of the fabric that offers not only antibacterial and anti-odour protection but also increases thermoregulation and creates an anti-static barrier against electromagnetic fields. The sartorial construction is an evolution of the G1 that we call ‘Monocoque’: it’s a single panel that follows the anatomy of the body along the torso, resulting in a snug fit.



Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Pinstripe

The Pinstripe was the ‘pioneer’ jersey made with high-density woven fabric, offering a completely new feeling thanks to the ergogenic fit and kimonoesque construction, the absence of frontal seams makes it more aerodynamic. To increase the breathability we have added a pure silver thread and a hydrophilic treatment on the polyester microfilament, this results in incredibly fast drying times and more protection than common mesh jerseys during descents.



Womens cycling jersey Pinstripe

Jersey Short Sleeve G1

The jersey G1 is entirely made with knitted fabric comprised of special yarns and uses a double face construction to increase the mechanical push – pull action that removes sweat away from the skin during the ride. We chose to use 70% recycled polyester yarn to support eco sustainable and to reduce the overall environmental impact of the product. The jersey revisits a traditional ‘giro manica’ construction, it is totally pre-shaped in a riding position.



mens cycing jersey Dragon