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    We have always maintained that Q36.5 is more a vehicle for continuous, unrestrained experimentation and innovation rather than just a brand.

    Under this philosophical umbrella we include exploring not only fabrics and pattern cuts but fitting as well. Tailoring is a strong part of our identity!

    Over the years we have monitored trends as well as picked up on the needs of athletes with different body types and different needs – now we have reacted.

    The result: More size choice and custom sizing!

    More sizes

    With this collection we are introducing two of our Classics in a longer version. Same size, but with an added 2 cm of length.

    BIB SHORT: Introducing the new Salopette Dottore X Long Leg. This leg length is 2cm longer than our traditional bib short and the straps are 1.5cm longer. A longer leg is trending at the moment.

    JERSEY SHORT SLEEVE: Introducing the new Jersey Pinstripe X (black) with a longer torso. The jersey is 2cm longer in the torso, ideal for the taller rider.


    Listening to our customer’s wishes, we have made some tailoring changes in our pieces including bib shorts with longer legs and a longer cut jersey for tall riders.

    We have introduced more sizing options including the new Salopette Dottore X with a longer leg option (2cm longer) and the new Jersey Pinstripe X in black will also be offered in both a regular and a long size (2cm longer).

    Custom sizing on request

    Q36.5 offers our customers the possibility to have any of the garments in our Collection to be “fatto su misura” – made to measure! We began our made to measure department producing skin suits for professional athletes and now we are offering this service to everyone for our entire product line. The cost of custom tailoring is 25% more than the list price.

    For additional information, contact us at