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  • maurizio-fondriest-luigi-bergamo

    Q36.5 introduces Maurizio Fondriest as Brand Ambassador

    Former World Champion joins Q36.5 Athlete Family


    Introducing Maurizio Fondriest

    Q36.5 is proud to announce its collaboration with Maurizio Fondriest. The 1988 road world champion, who is still a great athlete and active cyclist today, will be our new ambassador.

    In his twelve years as a professional cyclist, he claimed 69 victories.
    At the age of just 23, he became world champion at professional level and won the Cycling World Cup twice, in ’91 and ’93. He also won the legendary Milan-Sanremo in 1993. In the course of his professional career, he achieved countless successes: classics, stages of the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France.


    The perfect riding position

    “Striving for the perfect riding position has always been a priority for me. With the right set-up on the bike, you can feel comfortable, concentrate on performance and simply enjoy the ride. The apparel and shoes you wear are a key element in this regard, but one that is often underestimated.

    Q36.5 is a brand that I have been following for several years and that I admire for the high quality and technical performance of its garments, but above all for the attention that the brand devotes to optimizing a unique concept: that of the Three Points of Contact, targeting the overall comfort of the athlete.”

    – Maurizio Fondriest, Q36.5 Brand Ambassador

    “I have known Maurizio for forty years. When I started cycling as a boy, I trained with him on the roads of Val di Non and later followed him with great admiration throughout his career. I am honoured to be able to launch this new collaboration today.

    Maurizio has always been not only a great champion, but also a great cycling enthusiast. He is very considerate and meticulous about every technical aspect of the sport he loves most. His strive for the perfect riding position and geometry is unrivalled. We have great synergy on this topic.”

    – Luigi Bergamo, founder and CEO of Q36.5