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    Mens cycling gloves UNIQUE

    micro-brushed upper textile

    The upper part of the glove is made with a perforated knitted fabric for better ventilation and improved thermoregulation: thread and weave construction creates a mechanic push-pull to remove the sweat and works perfectly as a cooler.

    Palm-technology: 3D seamless structure

    Palm-technology: 3D seamless structure

    The EIT Palm respects the anatomy of the hand, improving blood flow and relieving pressure from the ulnar nerve.

    Cycling gloves UNIQUE Q36.5

    Body-mapping design that respects the anatomy of the hand

    Thanks to the multi-directional curvature and hand-mapping construction, the Palm has different zones of support using high-density perforated foam to maximize comfort.

    80kg/m3 perforated foam

    80kg/m3 perforated foam

    The centre of the palm is laser perforated to increase breathability.

    cycling gloves Unique

    Grip fabric

    The elasticity and the anatomic shape make the Palm highly adaptable to the hand, while the absence of stitching improves the grip on the handlebar.


    Even a firm grip, while riding on irregular terrain, will be comfortable thanks to the padding which improves blood flow and thus protects from tingling.

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