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  • Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team Gloves

    Forming an integral part of our 3-Points-of-Contact System, the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team Gloves utilize our Body Mapping Technology and ensure your ability to handle your bike even in hectic racing situations.


    Size Guide


    Q36.5 Gloves

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    1 Palm circumference

    Measure the circumference around the palm starting at the base of the thumb webbing.

    2 Middle finger length

    Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the crease at the base of the finger.

    If you have any questions, please contact our @supportcenter. We are happy to assist you!
    XS S M L XL
    1 Palm circumference cm 19-20 20-21 22-23 23-24 24-25
    inch 7,5-7,8 7,8-8,3 8,6-9 9-9,4 9,5-9,8
    2 Middle finger length cm 7,6 8 8-8,6 8,6-9 9-9,6
    inch 3 3,1 3,1-3,4 3,4-3,5 3,5-3,8
    XS S M L XL

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    Technical Features


    Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team Gloves

    For years cyclists have complained about tingling, soreness and overheating while holding the handlebars. This kind of discomfort leads to reduced focus and performance for the rider. So, Q36.5 and Elastic Interface® stepped up to the challenge. We listened to feedback from athletes, intensely studied the anatomy and heat generation of the hand and consequently conceived a completely new solution, applying our renowned know-how to perfect another interface of the body with the bike. The result is a system that protects the hand with perfect shock absorption and temperature management: a seamless palm area and perforated fabric on back of the hand works perfectly together for the best protection. The EIT Palm respects the anatomy of the hand, improving blood flow and relieving pressure from the ulnar nerve. Its three-dimensional design was developed according to anthropometrical parameters and input from the University of Padua. The elasticity and the anatomic shape make the Palm highly adaptable to the hand, while the absence of stitching improves the grip on the handlebar. Even a firm grip, while riding on irregular terrain, will be comfortable thanks to the padding which improves blood flow and thus protects from tingling. Thanks to the multi-directional curvature and hand-mapping construction, the Palm has different zones of support using high-density perforated foam to maximize comfort. The centre of the palm is laser perforated to increase breathability. The upper part of the glove is made with a perforated knitted fabric for better ventilation and improved thermoregulation: thread and weave construction creates a mechanical push-pull to remove the sweat and works perfectly as a cooler.  




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    Body Mapped

    The body mapped palm and upper panels map the natural shape of the hand to enhance comfort and to ensure your ability to handle the bike in hectic racing situations.

    Seamless Palm Technology

    The elimination of seams in the palm area improves blood flow and relieves pressure when holding tight in the drops as well as on the hoods.

    Air Flow System

    The breathable upper wicks moisture ultra efficiently and allows excess body heat to escape through the breathable fabric.

    Laser Perforated Palm

    As part of the Air Flow System the palm area features laser perforation to maximize breathability, fast drying times and enhance thermoregulation.

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