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    Daniela Ryf’s World
    Record Tri Suit

    How Swiss triathlete Daniela Ryf broke the long distance triathlon world record in Q36.5’s Tri Suit



    No woman has ever completed a long-distance triathlon faster. Daniela set this historic record at Challenge Roth on 25 June 2023.
    In order to be as efficient as possible in a race as demanding as a long-distance triathlon, it was essential to develop a race suit that consistently delivers top performances in a variety of situations and conditions.


    “I am incredibly happy and also a bit surprised. It was an absolutely perfect day. I knew it was going to be tough. But that everything worked out so perfectly makes me extremely happy.”

    Daniela Ryf


    The World Record Suit

    Q36.5 worked with Daniela extensively to carry out tests and surveys which allowed us to adjust her equipment precisely to ensure she could reach her maximum in performance. High quality, aero-focused materials cut to provide a perfect fit to her contours while on the bike were a prerequisite for a successful World Record attempt. The Q36.5 Tri Suit hit all the optimal data points.

    The Q36.5 Tri Suit provided essential muscle-supporting panels paired with strategically placed ultra-breathable regions as well as drag-reducing surface structures to form the foundation for Daniela’s record-breaking race.


    The Shoes

    The right pair of cycling shoes is essential to being as fast and efficient as possible during the cycling section, which is the longest part of a triathlon. And at the same time, the perfect shoes help the athlete save energy for the running leg.
    Daniela opted for the Q36.5 Unique Shoes to guarantee maximum performance with maximum comfort.

    Discover Daniela’s World Record Kit

    Unique Road Shoes White
    Color: White | Shoe Size: 37
    The first body-mapped cycling shoes for road cycling. How fast, how far, how you feel - it all starts with comfort. Designed and handcrafted in the Italian Dolomites, the Unique Road Shoes combine innovative technologies with advanced ergonomics to keep you comfortably ahead, whether you’re riding away from the pack or towards your next personal best.
    Variants from £279.30
    TRI Short Sleeve Skinsuit
    Size: M
    To give your maximum effort in your important triathlon races, you need to have a skinsuit that will help keep your circulation flowing and your body cool. The Q36.5 TRI Skinsuit with short sleeves is packed full of our most advanced technologies to ensure you can concentrate on your course time.

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