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  • Cycling Tights Guide: Choose your favourite

    Stay protected from the cold and humidity, thanks to the use of warming and thermoregulating fabrics, our winter tights ensure maximum comfort, support and efficient aerodynamics.

    No matter what your next ride will be, With Q36.5 tights you’ll be ready to conquer it. 


    Adventure Bib TIghts

    The newest addition to our Tights game is the ADVENTURE WINTER TIGHTS™.


    These bib tights bring you closer to nature; they are 100% eco-sustainable and protective. The ideal solution for every one of your adventures!



    The ADVENTURE WINTER TIGHTS™ have an outdoor-sports-inspired and more unconstrained fit.


    The C-INTERFACE TECHNOLOGY™ eliminates discomfort in the crotch area and the SUPER MOULDED CHAMOIS ™ offers all-rounder support for every terrain and distance.



    Made of a 100% recycled water-repellent micro fleece fabric, they are designed to work in diverse conditions.

    To increase both safety and carrying capacity, we introduced the EXTRA VALUE POWER MESH™, an insert that creates a second external layer. In a crash, these pockets allow the mesh to slide over the fabric helping to avoid friction on the skin.

    Perfect quality

    As always perfect service and quality.

    Jean-Pierre Jaeken


    L1 X Tights

    The foundation of your fall wardrobe starts with our long TIGHTS L1 X ™.


    The inclement weather protection bib tights with the feeling of bib shorts.



    The TIGHTS L1 X™ ensure uncompromised comfort while offering a snug fit.


    They are designed for purists who would normally wear bib shorts even in the harshest conditions. The design of the cut, with very few and strategically-placed seams, allows for maximum freedom of movement and no pressure points.



    The TIGHTS L1 X™ are part of our Wind-Control category.


    They are our lighter mid-season tights, yet they offer the insulation properties of our proprietary UF HYBRID SHELL PLUS ™ fabric.

    Very comfortable and good fit

    Excellent! I like the cloth, thinner and less restrictive than those of other brands. Very comfortable and good fit.

    Jens Weidmann

    The best for sustainability

    it is very best for your cycling and very best for the world of Sustainability

    Frank Reinshagen

    Excellent fit

    Excellent fit For super performance.

    Paolo Cazzaro

    Termica X Bennati

    Termica X Bib TIghts

    Thermal-control bib tights that deliver insulation, comfort and freedom during each pedal stroke, no matter how long your ride.



    Known to be tough, the TERMICA WINTER TIGHTS™ are our warmest tights, yet they are extremely low volume.

    The laser cut finish and ‘essential only’ seams provide great flexibility of movement and comfort, allowing you to forget that you are wearing winter tights!



    Termica products are made with our eco-sourced UF HYBRID SHELL PLUS™ fabric produced from the residue of coffee bean processing.

    The fiber attracts far-infrared rays from the environment and uses them to heat the body. This special fabric is combined with an extra layer of perforated fleece.

    The two layers guarantee maximum comfort even in sub-zero training conditions.

    Super warm

    Super warm salopette. I love it !

    Joël Laurent

    Very comfortably

    Very nice bib tights. Not super heavy and very comfortably. Good for high 30s F.

    John Waters