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  • men cycling campaign vincenzo nibali
    men cycling campaign vincenzo nibali

    Vincenzo Nibali x Q36.5

    q36.5 cycling research lab

    “As one of the great 7 cyclist to have won all 3 Grand Tours and a lifetime of experiences and insights we’re extremely proud to have Vincenzo on board as Q36.5 Brand Ambassador and Technical Advisor.

    Connected through our Italian heritage and obsessive dedication to the sport, we’ve joined forces to push the limits of cycling performance clothing.”

    Luigi Bergamo, CEO & Head of R&D Q36.5

    Watch Vincenzo talk about why he chose Q36.5 and what his new role will entail.

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    “Back in 2013 I’ve experienced Luigi’s products for the first time – and have been a huge fan ever since. Being able to be involved in the product creation and now in the Q36.5 Pro Team as a long-term project is huge for me. I can’t wait to apply all the insights and knowledge I’ve gained over the years and integrate them into this team.”

    – Vincenzo Nibali Q36.5 Brand Ambassador & Technical Advisor for Q36.5 Pro Team

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