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  • Cycling Bib Shorts Guide: Choose your favourite

    No matter what your next ride will be, with Q36.5 bib shorts you’ll be ready to conquer it. 

    Discover our range of Essential products, each of which are designed to meet your various needs and specific riding conditions. All have been developed to guarantee the highest comfort and outstanding performance. 

    Find the one that best meets your needs and enjoy your ride like never before!

    Progetto senza titolo-367


    Designed as your go-to bib shorts for all-season riding, the Essential Bib ushers in a new standard in cycling apparel, with 100% recycled yarns that, unlike other recycled fabrics, do not use any virgin material in their construction – not even the elastane.


    At the heart of the bib, a Super Moulded (SM) chamois with multiple densities of cushioning assures comfort over every mile and every saddle position.


    Proprietary leg hem finishing supports without squeezing thanks to stylish raw-cut hems, while a seam-less crotch area and freedom-enhancing anti-stress panel further amplify comfort.


    Throughout the bib short, a pre-shaped ergonomic cut and minimal use of seams stand ready to support every pedal stroke. Soft straps and darts of reflectivity complete the piece.



    gregarius Ultra guide bib shorts


    The Salopette for everyone who wants perfect comfort during any type of riding: an all-rounder bib short to go around the world!


    These bib shorts are the perfect choice as an introduction to Q36.5’s innovative fabrics and uncompromising comfort.


    They offer you protection (no pressure or discomfort on the saddle) as well as a light compression to support you during the ride.


    The GREGARIUS ULTRA is the ideal choice for medium or long rides as well for use during training.


    Take our word for it, you will fall in love with them!



    No pressure points

    These are excellent shorts. I did a 300km ride this week and the shorts were perfect. No pressure points, no chafing,just comfortable. And stylish too!

    Marcel Esser

    Chamois fit and ergonomics are fantastic

    The chamois fit and ergonomics are fantastic. The amount of padding is perfect. I hope they put this chamois in their other bibs. Q36.5 really went above and beyond in the design of these bibs.

    Aaron Gouw

    The compression is a great help

    Excellent product, marvelous. I have never had better Shorts in my life. The compression on the legs is a great help. Chamois is very comfortable. These shorts are sewn very well. The best companion on my 100+k rides. This is an ART <3

    Karol Ugorcak

    Progetto senza titolo-368


    The all-rounder for every riding occasion, no matter what the distance or intensity, is designed for the most adventurous of cycling activities in all environments and climates.
    New extra pockets provide not only added space but protection as well. A bonus function of the leg pocket is increased protection in case of a crash: the two layers of fabric roll against each other resulting in less direct friction on your skin.


    The chamois is wonderful

    Very nice bib with only a few minor improvements (to my opinion). The chamois is wonderful for road and offroad, compression is spot on and the mesh pockets are large, elastic and robust at the same time. It’s not exactly the same as the competitor with the ‘penthouse’ but in some way Q36.5 has created enough room for your willy in this bib. Not everybody talks about this but it dramatically improves comfort! Together, this is a bib you put on and don’t notice any more. Did several gravel rides of 100 – 200km and even a 3-day trip with 150km each day without any discomfort. If there are (minor) improvements, the bib is a little on the warm side (probably nice in cooler weather) and the front is quite high so if you go for a pee, you need a little force to keep it down ;-) Nevertheless, 5 stars!


    I really like the level of comfort

    I really like the level of comfort of these bibs shorts; I've now used them for about 1500km, including a couple of rides over 200km and I can definitely say that the pad is very good. I find the pockets very useful, I usually keep my phone there (it gets less sweaty compared to the jersey's pocket) and I can carry some extra nutrition when I'm riding alone.

    Luca Tettamanti

    I have been happy with every pair of Q36.5 that I own

    I have been happy with every pair of Q36.5 that I own (7 so far) but the additional leg storage on the cargo bibs, is very handy! Great place for mid ride fuel and a ride wallet!

    David Ciha

    Dottore x guide bib shorts


    The definitive all-purpose, all-day, any-day, high performance cycling bib short for the future of competitive cycling.


    The DOTTORE CLASSIC – “the Teacher” – is the best choice if you want to experience our ergogenic philosophy first hand. Ergogenic means that it enhances the physical performance of the athlete. You will feel a kind of tension when you first put them on but, once you are on the bike or in a riding position, the tension will disappear and the bib shorts will feel like a second skin.


    Four different levels of graduated compression, stimulating the venous return, will support you in a way you’ve never experienced before.


    The DOTTORE CLASSIC is the ideal choice for intensive training or if high speed is your priority!



    The perfect “absolutely equipment” that a cyclist needs

    It took me 13h to complete the Mallorca 312 and after this long ride I have to say that this bibs shorts describe the perfect “absolutely equipment” that a cyclist needs. I’m going for my second order. Thanks for the amazing quality!

    Mateo Mas Garau

    The go-to bibs for hard or long rides

    The Dottore have become my “go to” bibs whenever I have a hard or long ride. I like the tight fit and light fabric. They dry quickly, including the pad. That makes them great for traveling. I’ve been caught in rain showers and they have remained comfortable unlike many other bibs which become soggy and uncomfortable.

    Peter Gilbert

    Light, breathable and compressive

    These shorts are by far my favorites. They fit better, especially the chamois, after some use and washing. I really like the materials, especially light, breathable and compressive. The customer service at Q36.5 is fantastic. I will definitely be adding to my Q36.5 collection. Well done Q36.5.

    Stephen Brissette

    dottore guide bib shorts


    The most adaptive, protective and ergogenic bib short to date.


    This short is 15% lighter, thanks to a new proprietary smart fabric, and it offers a lighter compression than that of the DOTTORE CLASSIC. These features further increase comfort without losing any of the supportive and protective aspects of the short. A step forward in ergogenic philosophy for added pedal stroke support, reduced muscular fatigue and increased proprioception.


    The DOTTORE X is the ideal choice when climate control is a priority: on hot and humid days as well as in light rainy conditions.

    Available in regular and long size.


    Shop now

    It seems to have no weight

    Difficult to improve a perfect garment, but this time Q36.5 has succeeded. The pad, the shoulder straps, the fit and lightness of the garment. It seems to have no weight, but you feel it doing its job on your lower back and thighs. An indispensable item in your cycling wardrobe, under penalty of not being a cyclist ... :)

    Stefano Cavagnoli

    Something from the future

    Unbelievable. The next generation of bib. So light. On the first ride, conditions were wet and cold. Approximately 40 Degrees F with on-again off-again rain. Considering these harsher conditions, they not only kept me warm but kept me comfortable. As soon as you slide the bib on, you know you have stepped into something from the future. Thank you!

    Griffin Easter

    Technical fabric can make such a difference in performance

    Best cycling short ever. It is amazing that a technical fabric can make such a difference in performance. It is like a second skin. Gratulation to the R&D Team of Q36.5!

    Frank Hammel

    Unique - guide bib shorts


    The new entry in our Collection, this short represents a total revolution in the overall category of bib short Equipment.


    The bib shorts UNIQUE is an all-in-one garment that was created with our body mapping technology: each section of the garment is constructed with a different type of fiber depending on the function it must serve. Every single part of the short is tuned to support specific muscle groups during physical activity. It’s the ultimate expression of our ergogenic concept: there is no tension, no wrinkling and no compromise in terms of freedom of movement. We call it the ”Peau d’Angefeeling – a “second skin” sensation.


    The UNIQUE is the ideal choice if you want to maximize your performance and wear the most innovative bib shorts in the peloton!



    A unique experience

    Got mine too, really a unique experience. Have tried many bibs, including another Swiss/Italian brand... I think these are by far better. Thanks Q36.5


    Insanely light

    Great customer service, swift delivery and the same high quality garment. The unique bib short is insanely light, comfortable and form fitting. I have a number of q36.5 shorts and this is the best in terms of all round comfort.

    Nick Purdue

    Compression round the legs and glutes help a lot

    Becoming a second skin in imperative to comfort! I must admit the compression round the legs and glutes help a lot as well as the lubar support. The thinner fabric round the genitals makes a difference, cooling wise. The chamois is a perfect fit for me. After years of trying different bibs I have no need to look further. Thicker in the right parts and like wise for thinner parts in the chamois. Worth the price tag, you will get what you pay for when it comes to premium cycling wear.

    Alexis Salvesen