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  • Dottore Pro Long Sleeve Jersey Navy

    The Jersey Pinstripe X is now available in a long sleeve version, providing perfect protection from the sun and useful during slightly chillier weather conditions:
    1. New pattern cut with minimal use of seams
    2. Revolutionary 3-dimensional Fabric - delivering a 50% quicker drying time than our previous jersey.


    Size Guide


    Q36.5 Long Sleeve Jerseys

    Find your size

    1 Chest

    Measure the circumference around the widest part of your chest, just under the arms.

    2 Waist

    Measure the circumference around your natural waist at it’s narrowest point.

    3 Height

    How tall are you? Remember that Q36.5 Sartorial Fit Laboratory can provide you with special cut leg lenghts of certain pieces of equipment! Contact our @supportcenter to get further information.

    4 Weight

    Weight yourself to complete your size evaluation!

    If you have any questions, please contact our @supportcenter. We are happy to assist you!
    1 Chest cm 84 88 92 96 102 108 114 120
    inch 33 34,5 36 37,5 40 42,5 45 47
    2 Waist cm 72 76 80 84 90 96 102 108
    inch 28,5 30 31,5 33 35,5 37,5 40 42,5
    3 Height cm 162-167 166-171 170-175 174-179 178-183 182-187 186-191 190-195
    inch 64 66 68 69,5 71 72,5 74 75,5
    4 Weight kg 52-60 58-66 64-72 70-78 76-86 84-94 92-102 100-110
    lbs 115-132 128-146 141-159 154-172 167-190 185-207 200-243 203-225

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    Technical Features

    125 g +59°F

    Pinstripe X Navy L1 Long Sleeve Jersey

    The Jersey Pinstripe X is now available in a long sleeve version, providing perfect protection from the sun and useful during slightly chillier weather conditions:
    1. New pattern cut with minimal use of seams
    2. Revolutionary 3-dimensional Fabric - delivering a 50% quicker drying time than our previous jersey.
    The fabric is completely new, made with micro-polyester filaments structured into a 3-dimensional surface that results in increased moisture management thanks to both the push-pull natural construction and the selectively chosen fibers. All together this makes the jersey very responsive in variable environmental conditions. The UF Lx Fabric offers quick drying times, it’s 50% faster than any other polyester fabric. The fabric is enriched by HeiQ Smart Temp, an hydrophilic treatment that increases cooling and moisture management:
    • Cools only when you need it
    • Cooling activated by high skin temperature
    • Provides perfect balance of temperature in varying conditions and activity levels
    • Cool, dry, comfortable
    The rough texture of the surface and the new L1 cut, that does away with front seams, make this jersey aerodynamic at speeds between 40 - 59km/h. This new cycling short sleeve jersey is an outcome of our thermoregulation R&D project and is a stellar example of our successful research.




    4.88 out of 5 stars






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    27 October 2023

    Sehr gutes Trikot für kühlere Tage

    25 October 2023

    Excellent cut, just right for chill mornings, fast drying beside perfectly big pockets.

    21 October 2023

    Great jersey. Great colour.

    21 September 2023

    Fastest delivery! Outstanding quality! And last but not least, I am thrilled by your corporate philosophy!

    21 December 2022

    Good Quality, great service.

    2 November 2022

    Nice quality jersey. Stretch is just how it should be, not too tight, not too loose. Nice color.

    2 October 2022

    I can fully recommend the jacket for cooler days. But the weak point is the zipper, which jams in several places or doesn't close sometimes properly. Normally I would have had to send the jacket back because of this.

    26 September 2022

    Bright color, deep storage pockets, sun protection, crash replacement guarantee.

    5 August 2022

    great jersey fit is the best

    17 May 2022

    Es un gran acierto. La prenda perfecta. Cómoda, transpirable, agradable y queda muy bien. Ligerísima. Cumple con todo lo que le pedía a una prenda así

    Progetto senza titolo-24
    Progetto senza titolo-23
    Progetto senza titolo-144
    Progetto senza titolo-143

    Ergogenic Pattern

    An Ergogenic Pattern garment has been designed in such a way as that all panels and fabrics are tuned to support specific musculature groups during sporting activity. Garments designed with Ergogenic Patterns will be distinguished by their extremely snug but not constrictive feel and increased stability during the pedalling motion, as the fabric, cut and panel alignment support a balanced position and accordingly reduce muscular fatigue on longer or more intense rides.

    Mens cycling jersey short sleeve Pisntripe x - invisible pockets

    Silver Thread

    The introduction of the silver thread may be understood as a further fine-tuning of the fabric’s original raison d’être in which the extraordinary natural properties of this material are carefully exploited in a performance-wear context. When activity becomes intense and the body emits an excess of heat and moisture with must be dealt with through conduction, evaporation and convection, the fabric instead benefits from silver’s high thermal conductivity. The pure silver thread’s greatest performance advantage is not given by its anti-bacterial or conductive qualities but by it qualities of protection from electrostatic and magnetic interference (the so-called “electrosmog” pollution of electromagnetic radiation resulting from wireless technology and mains electricity). The protection offered by the silver thread from these waves allow the active muscles to operate with less “distractions”, further refining the ergogenic function of Q36.5’s high density woven fabrics.


    Backpack approved

    Cycling jerseys aren’t usually known for their durability, but Pinstripe’s fabric is different. Despite being incredibly light, it’s also long-lasting and robust enough to withstand abrasion. The difference comes down to how the material is constructed and the selection of threads. So should you need to shoulder a backpack, you won’t have to worry about damaging your jersey.

    Progetto senza titolo-142

    Complete your Outfit

    Base Layer 1
    The Q36.5 Base Layer 1 represents our technologically extreme vision of the traditional seamless base layer that provides optimal moisture management thanks to our use of the cutting-edge Karl Mayer Seamless knitting machines. The seamless design uses multiple integrated yarn structures with varying densities to pull sweat away from the skin and move it to an outer layer where it can evaporate.
    Variants from US$79.00
    Dottore Clima Summer Gloves
    Matching our Clima Jerseys and using the same innovative materials, the Clima Unique Summer cycling Gloves provide an excellent level of thermoregulation and comfort for hot, long days in the saddle.
    Variants from US$86.00
    Gregarius Pro Bib Shorts
    Designed to be an essential piece of your long distance training equipment, the Q36.5 Gregarius Pro Cycling Bib Shorts offer advanced muscle support for hard efforts on the bike while simultaneously providing ultimate comfort to sustain long hours in the saddle thanks to our unique Super Molded-Anatomic chamois. Made in Italy from 100% recycled materials.
    Variants from US$251.00