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  • Skinsuits

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    Thermobolik Winter Skinsuit
    Size: M
    A one-piece winter cycling skinsuit, the Q36.5 Thermobolik Winter Skinsuit works to minimize the loss of warmth between the layers while offering a race-fit without sacrificing effective insulation. The front of the integrated jacket uses UF Hybrid Thermic fabric with super high density woven construction which provides extraordinary wind protection. And if you need to add a layer before a cold descent, an easily accessible integrated wind protective membrane is stored in a front pocket. The fleece material in the interior of the fabric is plushily pronounced to facilitate the creation of an air cushion for optimal insulation.
    Clima Road Skinsuit
    Size: M
    The Q36.5 Road Skinsuit Clima features technical innovations to ensure the ultimate in aero performance and comfort. Ready for the hottest races and training rides.  
    TRI Short Sleeve Skinsuit
    Size: M
    To give your maximum effort in your important triathlon races, you need to have a skinsuit that will help keep your circulation flowing and your body cool. The Q36.5 TRI Skinsuit with short sleeves is packed full of our most advanced technologies to ensure you can concentrate on your course time.