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  • Q36.5 Atletas

    Melissa Martucci y Francesco Martucci

    Racing fixed gear bikes on either designated tracks or open roads requires split second precision and instantaneous decisions. The margin between winning and losing can be whisker thin.

    Frame 1

    Q36.5 Speed Skinsuit takes the top spot

    In the US, the fixed gear crit racing scene is where it’s at. And Q36.5 is excited to be providing our high-tech custom skinsuits to two of the most vibrant racers on the circuit Melissa Martucci, recent winner of the Redbull Short Circuit, and Francesco Martucci, Fixed Gear Triple Crown winner 2022.

    Frame 1

    What’s it all about

    Over the course of a crazy weekend in early September, the Mission Crit in San Francisco challenges fixed gear artists to a three-event omnium: The Fixed Gear Triple Crown.
    The Red Bull Short Circuit – an elimination race on an Indoor Go Kart track.
    Mission Crit 7 – The flagship street crit race taking place in the Mission District of San Francisco Cross at the ‘Stick – A mashup of track and cross at Candlestick State Park All are welcomed, but not all can win.

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