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Mario Kummer

Interview with Mario Kummer

When did your passion for cycling begin?

Honestly, I think I was born with it!  I am so fortunate to make my living doing the thing I love: riding my bike.

What do you feel when you ride?

For me it is a form of relaxation, even when it challenges me.  I love the freedom I feel when I ride, enjoying the landscape and the fresh air.  But, most of all I like the feeling I get from the effort I make, each day.  This is very satisfying.

How often do you ride?

Everyday.  I never miss a day.  A lot of the riding I do is for work, but it is also necessary for me personally.

What was the highlight of your professional career?

Without a doubt it was the victory at the Olympics in Seoul, that will always be an incredible and a “once-in-a lifetime” memory.  But, of course, riding the Tour de France was also a highlight.

Mario Kummer