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Jersey Short Sleeve WoolF

Jersey Short Sleeve WoolF

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A new, versatile short sleeve jersey for mid-season and wet days has been introduced into our Essential Collection.

In the latest edition of the well-known German magazine „Tour“, Q36.5‘s Cruise Collection won over 11 other brands in the all-weather jersey category. Read more.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the new Jersey Wolf has grey inserts on the sides and sleeves instead of green ones. However, we still have some stock left with the green inserts. If you specifically want the Jersey with grey inserts please write GREY in the note area of your checkout order. Unless stated otherwise, we will send you the Jersey with green inserts as long as the stock lasts.


Size Chart



Measure the circumference around the widest part of your chest, just under the arms.



Measure the circumference around your natural waist  at it’s narrowest point.

  •     XS  XL  XXL 
    Chest  Cm  <85  85-92  93-99  99-105  105-112  113+ 
    Inches  <34  34-36  36,5-39  39-41  41-44  44,5+ 
    Waist  Cm  74  75-84  82-87  88-92  93-99  100+ 
    Inches  28  30  32  34  36  38+ 
    Height  Cm  160-170  170-175  175-184  180-188  185-190  188-195 
    Inches  63-67  67-68,8  68,8-72,5  71-73,8  72,8-74,8  74,877 
    Weight  Kg  58-64  64-70  70-78  76-85  85-96  100+ 
    lbs  128-141  141-152  154-172  168-187  190-212  220+ 
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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    Made in Italy
    24/48 h
    Free shipping
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      Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve WoolF

      A new, versatile short sleeve jersey for mid-season and wet days has been introduced into our Essential Collection.

      It is ideally suited for the spring season or for riding in countries where summers are not so hot – everywhere where the temperature range is below 24°C.

      This is the ideal companion for adventure and travel on the bike as it’s a minimal training jersey (see our Cruise Equipment) for use when you only need essential, protective and useful equipment for different and variable conditions.

      Conceived using our extreme pure vision, this piece is lightweight and breathable yet offers constant active insulation: it is nothing more than Q36.5’s functional essentialism.

      Designed with snug construction that acts as a second skin and offers thermal protection without overheating, thanks to the UF Active Fabric our newly developed woven fabric that combines the super fine threads of polyamide and merino wool. It offers an active thermoregulation that supports thermal comfort even when there are wide variations of intensity during a ride. The clever allocation of the thread creates a double layered fabric: a dense polyamide external layer and an internal ‘sponge’ merino layer that absorbs humidity and works as a heat retainer. This structure allows for stabile temperatures even when damp and in wet conditions thanks to the durable water repellent finishing.

      This is the ideal weapon to use to stay warm without adding extra weight on wet summer days and in mid-season. The fabric weighs a mere 175g/m^2 yet offers more thermal efficiency than a traditional knitted fabric weighing 250g/m^2.

      This garment is a part of our Cruise Equipment, conceived to be a riding companion for occasions when you need multifunctional insulation during every condition. Thanks to the specific construction of our UF Active fabric functionality is enhanced by creating a push of the internal sponge structure that removes moisture while working as a heat retainer in collaboration with the dense external structure that protects riders even when damp and also allows fast drying times.

      Construction features

      • Snug fit
      • Stretch cuffs
      • High hermetic collar
      • Reflective visibility inserts
      • Invisible proprietary pocket system
      • Reflective 3mm zipper


      44% polyamide

      28% wool

      28% elastane


      165 g


      Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 12°C


      We’ve fallen in love with the combination of fit and fabric.

      It’s an indispensable piece of our Cruise Equipment .

      Water repellency
      UV Protection
      Wind control
      Muscle support

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