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UK CUSTOMERS ONLY: we are very sorry to inform you that while we wait to comply with the new regulations, we will only accept orders above 150£ / 180€. Prices are VAT excl. All orders are managed by our headquarters in Italy. Taxes and duties must be paid at delivery to the courier.
  • Adventure
    Baggy Shorts
    Protection without compromising on performance
  • Women's
    Long Sleeve
    Dreaming of the upcoming spring season
  • Men's cycling bib shorts CArgo Adventure
    Gregarius Cargo
    Bib Shorts
    Better for the planet and your wardrobe
  • womens-cycling-jersey-header
    Pinstripe X
    Long Sleeve
    Ease into spring with our Pinstripe X Jerseys
  • New Spring Summer Collection
    A newfound freedom
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Q36.5 is an extreme vision of cycling clothing

Q36.5 collaborates with Italian partners of excellence in the textile field in order to develop the most efficient fabrics for cycling in the world. The use of exclusive high-quality fabrics, developed specifically for use in cycling, together with the radically essential cut and design of the garments, allows Q36.5 to produce one of the world's lightest cycling apparel.