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Q36.5 is an extreme vision of the future
of competitive cycling clothing

Q36.5 collaborates with elite Italian textile partners to develop the most efficient cycling fabrics in the world.


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Thank for m package wich arrived Saturday and a very fast shipping too! It was a lovely surprise to open my package to find a personal note wishing me a nice day, it was a great touch. All my items were beautiful wrapped, and the garmen boxes are a work of art too. As soon as i opened the box i realized these garments are like nothing i have even seen before. I thought Assos was good, this is on a completely different level. The fit its very tailoored, like a race fit…just how i like it! I cannot wait to go out on my bike to see how it feels. Many thanks again for a perfect service, and the start of my life with Q36,5


Q36.5 is really incredible. Is like nothing you have experienced before. Immagine the top guy of Assos coming up with some great innovative ideas and starting his own company to explore this new idea. The fabrics are all proprietary and radically differente. The bog shorts for instance are made with a new material in a mill in Italy. Before the cloth is woven the individual threats are treated rather than the standard treatment given after weaving. The clothes all all based on original patterns and extremely light and durable. The shorts are designed to last 10x longer than regular bibs. Forget Assos and forget Rapha as they nolonger the cutting edge.


Thank you! I ordered your Salopette Dottore L1 shorts yesterday at around 12.00 and i got them today, here in central Switzerland at 13.00. Not only do i like the shorts and the fast delivery – i really like the way you package the mas well. Grat Job! Regards!


Ciao Sabrina, I received my order no …… including the gift crossover vest. A very nice garment that I have been using plenty already today! Thank you a lot for that! I really do appreciate your products! I have been using plenty cycling garment over the years, Rapha, Assos, Castelli, La Passione to name a few. Your garment truly stands out; fit, quality, comfort, design, material selection and technical solutions are in a class of its own. And your service is top notch, always very fast, very nice and thoroughly packed and presented, great communication and crazy fast shipping time! I could sincerely not be happier!

Grazie mille!


Thank you! I ordered your Salopette Dottore L1 shorts yesterday at around 12.00 and i got them today, here in central Switzerland at 13.00. Not only do i like the shorts and the fast delivery – i really like the way you package the mas well. Grat Job!! Regards


Hi, I have received all of my goods. I’m very impressed with the quality e feel of the products, fantastic. I will be highly recommending your products to my friends. Thank you!


I just look delivery of my 2 pairs of repaired shorts. I want to sincerely thank you for all your help. Information and generally exellent customer service. Quite often its how a company performs when there is a problem that is the true test, you did a brilliant job keepeng me informed all the way along the process. I look forward to many more rides wearing q36,5 and highly recommending tham to others.
Many thanks, Ruth (a very happy customer)


Ich habe heute von euch Post bekommen. Vielen dank fur das Iphone casel! Es hat mich uberaus gefreut und das war wirklich nicht notig gewesen. Ich wollte euch nur ein kurzes Feedback geben. Es ist mir nicht aufgefallen, das die date nim internet nicht richtig waren. Ihr habt auf jeden fall einen zufriedenen neuen kunden!
Super serviece und liebevoll gemacht. Schone gruse aus Lichtenstein.


Ciao Luigi, ho guardato e ascoltato il video Made in Italy e vorrei complimentarmi per l’ottimo lavoro, specialmente per i contenuti audio fortemente evocativi !  😉 “laboratorio di sperimentazione che concretizza una collezione” “lasciare un’impressione rispetto all’indifferenza” Queste sono le frasi che mi hanno emozionato in modo profondo. Buon lavoro e a presto.


Buonasera Manuel, rientrando stasera ho avuto la bellissima sorpresa di trovare il vostro graditissimo prodotto. Che dire? In effetti è tutta un’altra cosa rispetto ai prodotti della concorrenza, differenti lavorazioni del tessuto (e che tessuto!) a seconda delle varie zone di contatto..mai visto prima! Spero di poterla testare quanto prima e comunicarle le mie personali impressioni che, di primo acchito, sono già più che positive…insomma, 315€ di tecnologia sartoriale allo stato puro! Grazie mille! A presto