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  • bikepacking-finland-in-gravel

    in Finland


    Lake views in Finland

    6 days, only the absolute necessary equipment and gravel bikes.
    The LFT Crew ventured off for a unique adventure through the remote wilderness of Finland.

    Discover the Route

    Infinite Gravel Roads

    We left Lahti and headed north. Pretty soon we cycled over amazing gravel roads and some cool single trails. We decided to take it slow and have enough time at the first night out. We found a cool spot in the woods, close to a lake and build up our tents. We ended the day with a quick swim in the ice cold lake and a nice dinner. Amazing as expected!

    After breakfast the morning after, we continued our journey to the north. Riding through a fantastic landscape with many lakes and lonely forests. During our ride, we barely saw people. A few houses and huts, but mostly we were by ourselves. Our goal of the day was to reach Kaipola. Not a big city, but famous for the ski jump hill. We built up our camp there. Super nice, that bikepacking enables us to sleep in places like that.


    Racing vs Adventure

    This trip is not a race. It’s not about numbers or performance. It’s about a good time and fun. The weekend before we were racing FNLNDGRVL Race in Lahti. Proper racing, heads down and pushing hard.That’s okay, but it also feels really nice to be on a trip, which is not about performance.

    The fourth day started in the woods, packing our stuff and leaving our camp for a nice ride under the scorching sun. In pretty good mood we were looking forward to get to the Leivonmäen Kansallipuisto nature reserve. We cycled over a wooden path in the swamp. The views were amazing.


    Time for Sauna

    After four days of cycling we decided to take a day off. Time for sauna. Very cliché, very much needed. Just a few kilometers to get there.

    6 days full of many wonderful memories! Swimming, sleeping outside and spending a lot of time on the bike. The last day was definitely the fastest one. We’ve been on tarmac roads more than the whole trip before. Still not a lot, though. What a wonderful trip!