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  • q36-5-rain-system-m

    Rain System

    nickolas zukowsky

    “The Rain Jacket from Q36.5 is amazing – I’ve been wearing it both in training and during the race and it keeps me perfectly dry. It’s also super breathable which means sweat doesn’t build up when going all out.”

    –Nickolas Zukowsky

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    R. Shell Protection Jacket

    The key item of our rain system is the R. Shell Protection Rain Jacket. A true emergency friend designed to do only one thing: protect you perfectly and accompany you on every single ride thanks to its minimal weight (150g).

    The R. Shell Protection is constructed from a completely new proprietary 3-layer fabric, the UF 75ShellTM that sports a 15.000 mm/l waterproof rating.

    It’s so light and compact you won’t even notice it in your back pocket.

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    R. Shell Protection Jacket


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