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    Cycling jackets guide

    Which cycling jacket is right for you?

    Our winter cycling jackets ensure maximum comfort, support and efficient aerodynamics. No matter where your next ride takes you, with a Q36.5 jacket you’ll be ready to conquer!

    Temperatures are dropping and you need to stay protected from the cold and humidity. Now, thanks to the use of Q36.5’s warming and thermoregulating fabrics, that vital protection is possible!

    Our winter cycling jackets ensure maximum comfort, support and efficient aerodynamics.

    No matter where your next ride takes you, with a Q36.5 jacket you’ll be ready to conquer!

    Do you need help choosing the right jacket? Contact us. Our team is here to ensure you enjoy the best shopping experience.

    Mens Adventure cycling jacekt waterproof Olive green Q36.5 - 062.14


    The winter jacket for every weather condition, this is a versatile piece of Equipment conceived for the Globetrotter. Rather than being race oriented, it offers unrestrained functionality.

    The idea for the jacket comes from lessons learned during winter sport activities in the Dolomites and is inspired by the needs when practicing different sports including skiing, ski touring and mountaineering. Reinterpreted into a cycling formula, this is not the traditional soft shell jacket commonly used in winter, rather a tool that integrates the protection of a body mapping shell and insulation properties into a single design – combining waterproof protection and thermal insulation through a ‘sandwich’ construction.

    The extraordinary result is a deep-winter jacket with the futuristic weight of only 280g (size S)! That’s 30% lighter than the Termica Jacket yet it can be used in the same range of temperatures.

    The pattern construction meets the demands of a woman’s body, introducing an extra drawstring at the bottom of the jacket for sealed protection and a snug fit.

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    When designing a cold weather cycling jacket, the challenge isn’t keeping you warm but temperature balanced throughout the entire ride. And with up to 11 proprietary fabrics strategically placed to maximize thermoregulation, the Interval Termica jacket does that, trapping warm air between layers when you need it, and releasing it when you don’t, so you’re always at the right temperature for the road ahead.

    At the front, a dual-layer wind-blocking membrane works in partnership with fleecy, UF Air Insulation™ fabric, and a zippered internal vest to crank up the thermal protection when you need it most. A tall, fitted barber collar keeps out the onrushing air, complemented by a wind and waterproof cam-lock zipper.

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    A real Hybrid Jacket for the middle season and early winter, a more warmer sister of the Hybrid Que long sleeve and made specifically for women, which encloses innovative technologies designed only for the Women Collection, not simply a modified men Equipment with a women vestibility and fit.

    In our Women Collection we want to use our avant-garde smart fabric in a specific use, following the different demand of women bodies, like the Specific Lady cut for the anatomy and ergonomic for active women riders, versatile and smart piece, compact and light that react from the body and environments changing.

    We introduce a unique and eye-catching swerved zipper, completely assymetrical for the front and a high ergonomic protective collar for maximising the thermal and wind protection for the neck area.

    The core of the Jersey is constructed entirely from its proprietary Hybrid Air Protection fabric, an innovative completely new two layers fabric, which incorporate a ribbed fleece and high-density polyamide woven fabric for the outer part with a specific water resistance treatment (the UF Hybrid Shell) and for the inner part we introduce our new UF Air Insulation, a lofted knitted jacquard brushed with incredible moisture vapor management and thermal capabilities. The result is a high thermal protection in low volume, which can adapt to the different demands of high intensity winter training.

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