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  • Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Woman Pinstripe X Lime Green

    A beautifully shaped, light and fast women’s cycling jersey built for racing and training.


    US$198.00 -30%

    Size Guide


    Q36.5 Jerseys

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    1 Chest

    Measure the circumference around the widest part of your chest, just under the arms.

    2 Waist

    Measure the circumference around your natural waist at it’s narrowest point.

    3 Hips

    Measure the circumference at the fullest part of your hips while standing.

    If you have any questions, please contact our @supportcenter. We are happy to assist you!
    1 Chest cm 72 76 80 84 92 98
    inch 28,5 30 31,5 33 36 38,5
    2 Waist cm 56 60 64 68 74 80
    inch 22 23,5 25 26,5 29 31,5
    3 Hips cm 82 86 90 94 100 106
    inch 33,5 34 35,5 37 39,5 41,5

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    Technical Features

    110 g +64°F


    Updated this season with a new pattern cut with minimal seams, the Pinstripe X L1 Women’s Jersey features our fast-drying 3-dimensional fabric to keep you fresh throughout intense efforts. The Pinstripe’s fabric moves moisture 50% faster than any other polyester fabric, so you’ll have to work hard if you want to outpace it. But speed is where the Pinstripe shines. Thanks to a roughened fabric face texture and seam-free front, the jersey slips through the wind with added aero at speeds between 40 and 59km/h. For users of modern electronic devices, the addition of silver thread throughout provides welcome antistatic and anti-electrosmog properties. Pre-shaped for the on-bike position and tailored for the female form, the jersey features our invisible pocket system, laser cut sleeves and a smooth-running front zipper.




    4.86 out of 5 stars






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    21 July 2023

    Very nice fabric, great colour, impeccable manufacturing and a fair price

    23 January 2023

    Fits great and looks stunning.

    30 October 2022

    As always this does not disappoint. Perfect for warm weather

    15 April 2022

    My favourite. Very light and cool for hot temperature in asia

    25 March 2022

    It was lucky to have xxs size . Love the olive color. During the summer season, the humidity is very high and the temperature is burning like hell in Korea. Sticky and sweating riding all the time. The ventilation of the texture is important in order not to have stuck and smelled. Q36.5 is suitable for those matters. For me one thing is missing that neck collar is a bit long and high. Just need to cut little bit please. Thanks always.

    29 August 2021

    Das Jersey sitzt perfekt. Bin klein und nicht sehr schlank dennoch hat sich das Trikot angepasst. Es hat einen sehr engen Schnitt, ist aber auf der Haut kaum zu spühren. Der Stoff trocknet sehr schnell. Leider ist bei starkem Schwitzen das Salz auf dem Trikot zu sehen. Der Reißverschluss wäre meiner Ansicht nach besser auf der mittleren Rückentasche angebracht worden. So ist es manchmal schwierig mit einer Hand die Tasche zu öffnen. Trotz der beiden Kleinigkeiten ist das Trikot für mich perfekt. Über eine Variante in Bordeaux würde ich mich sehr freuen ;)

    30 July 2021

    The fit is great and also the light and thin fabric

    Progetto senza titolo-175
    Progetto senza titolo-173
    womens cycling jersey Pinstripe black ergogenic pattern

    Ergogenic Pattern

    An Ergogenic Pattern garment has been designed in such a way as that all panels and fabrics are tuned to support specific musculature groups during sporting activity. Garments designed with Ergogenic Patterns will be distinguished by their extremely snug but not constrictive feel and increased stability during the pedalling motion, as the fabric, cut and panel alignment support a balanced position and accordingly reduce muscular fatigue on longer or more intense rides.

    womens cycling jersey Pinstripe black - silver thread

    Silver Thread

    The introduction of the silver thread may be understood as a further fine-tuning of the fabric’s original raison d’être in which the extraordinary natural properties of this material are carefully exploited in a performance-wear context. When activity becomes intense and the body emits an excess of heat and moisture with must be dealt with through conduction, evaporation and convection, the fabric instead benefits from silver’s high thermal conductivity. The pure silver thread’s greatest performance advantage is not given by its anti-bacterial or conductive qualities but by it qualities of protection from electrostatic and magnetic interference (the so-called “electrosmog” pollution of electromagnetic radiation resulting from wireless technology and mains electricity). The protection offered by the silver thread from these waves allow the active muscles to operate with less “distractions”, further refining the ergogenic function of Q36.5’s high density woven fabrics.

    womens cycling jersey Pinstripe black - invisible pocket system

    Invisible pocket system

    Unique pocket patch design which does away with clumsy extra panel of fabric used in all other jerseys, instead integrating the containers into the jersey pattern itself. 3 equally large pockets plus 1 extra zip pocket. This feature accentuates the essentialism and minimalist aesthetic of Q36.5 jersey and jacket designs and offers a minor aerodynamic advantage.


    Backpack Approved

    Cycling jerseys aren’t usually known for their durability, but Pinstripe’s fabric is different. Despite being incredibly light, it’s also long-lasting and robust enough to withstand abrasion. The difference comes down to how the material is constructed and the selection of threads used in the process. So should you need to shoulder a backpack, you won’t have to worry about damaging your jersey.

    Progetto senza titolo-176
    Progetto senza titolo-177

    Complete your Outfit

    Base Layer 1
    The Q36.5 Base Layer 1 represents our technologically extreme vision of the traditional seamless base layer that provides optimal moisture management thanks to our use of the cutting-edge Karl Mayer Seamless knitting machines. The seamless design uses multiple integrated yarn structures with varying densities to pull sweat away from the skin and move it to an outer layer where it can evaporate.
    Variants from US$79.00
    Gregarius Pro Bib Shorts
    Designed to be an essential piece of your long distance training equipment, the Q36.5 Gregarius Pro Cycling Bib Shorts offer advanced muscle support for hard efforts on the bike while simultaneously providing ultimate comfort to sustain long hours in the saddle thanks to our unique Super Molded-Anatomic chamois. Made in Italy from 100% recycled materials.
    Variants from US$251.00
    UNIQUE Woman Gloves
    The first glove with three-dimensional, seamless and elastic palm*. A system that protects the hand with perfect shock absorption and temperature management: a seamless palm area and perforated fabric on back of the hand works perfectly together for the best protection.
    Variants from US$86.00