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    Gravel Camp

    Join us on a journey of exploration through South Tyrol and the Dolomites by gravel bike.


    Exploring the Dolomites

    Join us on a journey of exploration through South Tyrol and the Dolomites by gravel bike. At the exclusive Gravel Camp by Q36.5, from October 10th to 14th, 2024, you’ll explore the most beautiful routes and trails in the Dolomites and the surroundings of Bolzano.

    The Dolomites are famously among the most stunning mountains in the world. Fantastic rock formations shape the landscape, making it breathtakingly impressive. Mountaineers, hikers, road cyclists, and mountain bikers have long embraced this unique world. But for gravel bikers, this territory offers seemingly endless possibilities. Routes wind through forests and meadows, traverse high mountain valleys, across alpine meadows, passing by huts and refuges. Beneath your tires lies the forest floor or Dolomite gravel, while above, the sky is almost always blue. And to your left and right, the legendary “white mountains,” as the Dolomites are also known.

    Secure your Spot

    South Tyrol by gravel bike

    Even gravel pros like the US-American Brennan Wertz, who has ridden off-road almost everywhere in the world, can’t shake off the allure of this scenery. “For me, the ride through Val Venegia was the highlight of the camp,” he says. “We were in the heart of the Dolomites, riding our gravel bikes through incredible landscapes on high-altitude gravel roads. It was an unforgettable ride – undoubtedly one of the most beautiful of my life. The views were spectacular, the descents exhilarating – and the teamwork within the group was exceptional. On the way down from the mountains, we rode through a valley with several suspension bridges, waterfalls, and towering cliffs. That was certainly a ride I’ll never forget,” says Wertz, who was a guest at the camp.

    Professional guiding by former cycling pros

    Former cycling pro Mario Kummer meticulously planned these and all other routes, riding them multiple times himself. Because the world champion and Olympic gold medalist leaves nothing to chance or his navigation device. And he’s always open to new discoveries: “There’s still so much to explore here with gravel bikes that we scout new routes every year.”

    The tours at the Q36.5 Gravel Camp are designed and scouted so that there’s something for everyone: classic sections on wide gravel roads as well as single tracks through the forest and past rocky gorges by streams. Hidden amidst the mountains of South Tyrol.

    Varied and perhaps momentarily challenging. But always compensated by the panorama and the pleasant company of the community of guides and participants. “This camp offers the opportunity to join a group of friends who share their enthusiasm and love for cycling,” summarizes Lucie, a participant in the 2024 Gravel Camp.

    In collaboration with former Italian cycling pro Ivan Santaromita, Mario Kummer guides the participants during the four-day Gravel Camp. They are supported by a team of locals who take care of everything besides pure gravel biking. Whether it’s refreshment stations during the tour, shuttle services, bike repair and maintenance, laundry service, or massages. Perfect support is guaranteed around the clock. Participants only need to pedal themselves.

    Top accommodation at Lake Caldaro

    Participants will reside and relax at the “Haus am Hang” hotel in Caldaro by the lake. Because the four-star hotel offers much more than just a place to stay. It’s a “place to be,” thanks to the Morandell family and their crew. Hotelier Matthias Morandell, himself an avid road cyclist and gravel biker, knows exactly what athletes need before and after the tour.

    Relaxation and good food take top priority. Situated amidst vineyards above Lake Caldaro, the hotel boasts an outdoor pool, panoramic terrace, and wellness area. From the terrace of the modern rooms, the view stretches over the lake and, on clear days, up to the Dolomites.

    To fuel the muscles with necessary energy, a young and creative kitchen team takes care of that. In addition to a generous breakfast with fresh, regional quality products, there’s a pasta party after the afternoon tour. In the evening, a five-course menu or a hearty traditional South Tyrolean buffet provides the necessary strength coupled with culinary delight. Those interested can also casually participate in a wine tasting hosted by the proprietor, where he offers tasting of the region’s premium wines.

    The Gravel Camp package includes accommodation at Haus am Hang Hotel, meals (even during tours), guided tours, massages, tech talks, product tests from selected partners such as SRM, Schwalbe & Co, as well as a complete Q36.5 gravel kit consisting of shorts and jersey, and the opportunity to shop discounted at the Q36.5 Flagship Store.


    Upgrade your Gravel Kit

    Adventure Tech T-shirt Forest Green
    Color: Forest Green | Size: M
    Designed to accommodate gravel rides of all lengths and intensity levels, the Q36.5 Adventure Tech T-Shirt introduces a level of relaxed comfort paired with a smart merino wool blend. The proprietary material retains your body heat in cooler situations whilst allowing the upper body to breathe once the effort heats up.
    Adventure Baggy Shorts Kaki
    Color: Kaki | Size: M
    Introducing a new sartorial concept of “Baggy”, these shorts remain snug on the torso eliminating excessive folds and wrinkles that can snag on the saddle. Pre-shaped fit. Durable water repellent treatment. Ultra-low final weight. Natural wind resistance and breathability. Two extra pockets. Innovative waist closure for less pressure and improved stability. Devised without chamois it should be worn over your favorite shorts.
    Adventure Gloves Long Fingers Grey
    Color: Grey | Size: M
    Designed to be ready for all exploration rides, the Q36.5 Adventure Gloves Long Fingers use a mix of proprietary materials to offer total comfort, grippy control, and breathable thermoregulation on summer rides. The anatomical fit and strategically placed padding combine to make the gloves the perfect option for full-fingered protection for gravel-focused cycling.
    Unique Adventure Shoes Black
    Color: Black | Shoe Size: 37
    Designed and handcrafted in the Italian Dolomites, the performance footwear capital of the world, the Unique Adventure Shoes combine innovative technologies with advanced ergonomics to help you find your way, whether you're riding towards a checkpoint or hike-a-biking to the top of the next summit.
    Adventure Jersey Navy
    Color: Navy | Size: M
    The Q36.5 Adventure Gravel Jersey uses a smart merino wool mix developed to offer the ideal level of thermoregulation in a variety of weather conditions. The relaxed fit ensures total comfort whether you are climbing a gravel alpine pass, or hike-a-biking across a stream. More structured than the Adventure T-shirt, this is a versatile top for all off-road activities.
    Adventure Cargo Bib Shorts Navy
    Color: Navy | Size: M
    Combining comfort, performance, and practicality, the Q36.5 Adventure Cargo Bib Shorts represent our premium bib shorts designed for long distance exploration and adventure at all levels of intensity. A comfort-oriented fit with supportive, non-restrictive compression and our Super Molded Anatomic Chamois keeps you comfortable in the saddle for hours, while the collection of side and lumbar pockets ensure you’ll be able to carry all essentials to get through a long day exploring.