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  • Base Layer 2 Short Sleeve Olive Green

    Focusing on optimal thermoregulation on rides with warmer than 15°C temperatures, the Q36.5 Base Layer 2 enhances moisture management thanks to the seamless, tubular construction made possible by the cutting-edge Karl Mayer Seamless knitting machines. It’s an essential base for mid spring till early summer riding to help your core feel well aired.


    US$106.00 -30%

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    Q36.5 Base Layers

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    Technical Features

    87 g +59°F

    The Q36.5 Base Layer 2 with short sleeves represents the purest expression of seamless technology that offers optimal thermoregulation using intelligent materials and an advanced method of technology. The use of multiple integrated yarn structures at varying densities guarantees exceptional moisture management.

    The design makes use of multiple integrated yarn structures with varying densities to pull sweat away from the skin and move it to an outer layer where it can evaporate. The multi-density nature of the Base Layer strategically follows the natural sweat zones of the body so that it can address sweaty regions while avoiding having excess material in unnecessary places.

    Since the top is seamless, all potential friction points are removed while the supreme stretchability of the material means it will fit like a second skin and avoid bunching up underneath a jersey. The Q36.5 Base Layer 2 enhances how you’ll feel on the bike since you won’t feel damp in difficult-to-dress-for transitional weather, nor will you overheat once the weather warms up.




    4.84 out of 5 stars






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    21 October 2023

    Das Base Layer 2 sitzt hervorragend, bequem und trocknet sehr schnell. Es schmiegt sich wie eine zweite Haut an den Körper und ist in S-M auch für kleinere Menschen passend. Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt :)

    21 October 2023

    Super comfortable, superior Breathability, excellent base layer!!

    22 June 2023

    Alles Top, sehr gut verarbeitet, sowie Material der atmet und komfortabel ist. Danke

    21 June 2023

    It feels very good on the skin. This will be favourite going forward.

    5 April 2023


    28 March 2023

    Feels wonderful on my skin and perfect for training in your pain cave aka zwifting

    2 February 2023

    Amazing quality and keeps you at the optimum temperature to perform. Highly recommended

    21 December 2022

    It's lightweight and not having any seems makes it truly forget that you're even using one. It also evaporates really quick so if you get sweaty just open up the zipper of your outer layer and it will dry out.

    12 December 2022

    Great fabric, I really like the shorter version. however this one is a bit narrow around the arms... I'm 95kg for 189cm.

    30 October 2022

    Hands down these are the best base layers I have used in 20 + years of cycling

    Cycling base layer Q36.5

    RSR body mapping

    Garments constructed with RSR (Regional Sweat Rate) body mapping will be breathable in differing degrees throughout the garment according to scientific research data collected regarding the various regional sweat rates of the athlete’s body. This more strategic use of breathable panels and varying densities allows for the construction of the lowest volume garment as well as the most stable body temperature during activity.

    Cycling base layer | Q36.5

    Seamless Karl Mayer Construction

    All seamless machines are not equal. Q36.5 has chosen to construct all its seamless garments on Karl Mayer machines whose superior technological capabilities allow for us to minimize and in many cases entirely eliminate the use of seams as well as design garments with sophisticated variable density body mapping. Karl Mayer machines are, in our minds, the height of the expression of seamless technology.

    Cycling base layer Q36.5

    Unhemmed Finish

    Unhemmed finish means that the way in which the fabric has been woven or knitted allows for it to be cut and modified directly by the user with no need to then be hemmed. Please feel free to cut your Unhemmed Finish garment any way you see fit.


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